The Rails 4 Way (beta) now available

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I'm excited to announce that I am a co-author of The Rails 4 Way alongside Obie Fernandez himself.

The original "The Rails Way" holds a special place in my heart as it was my ultimate reference when I started developing with Ruby on Rails. With each new edition of the book, it has become better and better, providing no fluff content and containing great advice from various Rails developers from around the world. What sets The Rails Way apart from other Rails books in the market, is that it covers topics and technologies that practitioners consider to be ideal. This means it covers things such Haml, RSpec, and FactoryGirl over Erb, TestUnit, and fixtures respectively. While this may not be everyone's preferred stack, the book still has something for everyone. The coverage of Active Record alone could be its own book and is a must read for any Rails developer.

Thanks to the cooperation of Addison-Wesley, you can purchase a DRM-free copy of The Rails 4 Way today on the great Leanpub service. For those who like physical books over digital copies, the published Addison-Wesley edition is expected to be released sometime late in the year.

Since the book is still in beta, its not 100% complete yet. Expect updates every couple of weeks, updating the second half of the book to Rails 4 and including many tips and gems that are relevant to Rails development today. Some things to look forward to is coverage of Sidekiq, Draper, and more. We have also taken into consideration feedback from previous editions, and we are going to include a Haml reference to make The Rails 4 Way an even better resource. You submit any suggestions or errors to our lighthouse issue tracking page.


This post is by Kevin Faustino. Kevin is the Chief Craftsman of Remarkable Labs and also the founder of the Toronto Ruby Brigade.


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