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Hey! This article references a pre-release version of Ember.js. Now that Ember.js has reached a 1.0 API the code samples below are no longer correct and the expressed opinions may no longer be accurate.

JavaScript is taking centre stage in most web applications being built today. As a result, an explosion of JavaScript MVC frameworks have burst onto the scene in the last couple of years. Recently here at Remarkable Labs, we began working on a web application which required a more desktop look and feel. After evaluating several frameworks, we decided on using Ember.js. Here is a list of resources we used to get started:

Ember.js Docs

Ember.js Documentation

The docs will be the place where you spend your time most. It is the most comprehensive source about Ember.js available anywhere. Topics covered are:

  • Ember Object Model
  • Creating Namespaces
  • Describing Your UI With Handlebars
  • Views In-Depth
  • The Ember Enumerable API

Handlebars Project Website

Handlebars Project Website

Handlebars is the template language used within Ember.js apps by default. It is a superset of Mustache and allows you to keep your views maintainable by keeping logic out. The Handlebars project website goes into detail of what is achievable, such as the ability to create view helpers.

This Week in Ember.js

The official blog has began giving a summary of all the new changes to the framework in the past week. They only have one post so far, but hopefully they continue since it is really valuable.

Peepcode: Play by Play: Yehuda Katz (Part 2: Ember.js)

Play by Play: Yehuda Katz

Peepcode released a screencast of Yehuda Katz building an Ember.js application live. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the play by play series, it provides you insight on how other developers solve problems.

Ember.js: State of the Union - Yehuda Katz

This is a video of a talk Yehuda Katz gave at Throne of JS this past summer. Yehuda goes over the principles behind Ember.js, some of the features in the framework, and the upcoming roadmap.

EmberJS Introduction - Tom Dale

Tom Dale gave an introductory talk at TYPO3Conference 2012 in Stuttgart, Germany.

Ember.js in the Wild - Peter Bergström

Peter Bergström gave a great talk at Schmonference Conf about Ember.js and how they use it at Groupon. It goes into more advanced topics such as the new router.

Ember Data - Tom Dale

Tom Dale gave a talk at PragueJS about Ember Data. Ember Data is a library for loading, creating, and updating models from a persistence layer.

Stack Overflow

Since resources are scarce, you are bound to have questions relating to doing something with the framework. Stack Overflow's ember.js tag currently has over 1500 questions. Check it out to see if something you are wondering about has been answered already.

The Source

There is no better place to find out how something in Ember.js works than the source code.

Master Space and Time With JavaScript

Master Space and Time With JavaScript - Book 4

While it is not out yet, Noel Rappin is writing a book about Ember.js. What I like about Noel's books are that they driven by tests. It will most likely be the best resource available for how to do testing with an Ember.js app. Expect the book sometime in December.


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